My professional passion is creating businesses that have a positive impact on people’s lives. 

In the Restaurant industry, I have founded and co-founded 8 Restaurants. My concepts have included a variety of regional cuisines and service styles and served millions of guests – including 5 U.S. Presidents. My restaurant development work has appeared in business and consumer publications including USA Today®, The New York Times®, Bon Appetit® and GOURMET Magazine®. The Nation’s Restaurant News® selected me for a Marketing Excellence Award and credited me with creating a “Team-Service” system now used in restaurants throughout the world.  

In the Technology industry, I was founder and CEO of two Content Development companies – one selected for a joint-venture partnership with Microsoft® Corporation and another backed by U.S. and European Venture Capitalists and selected for a partnership with AOL-Time Warner® before being acquired. In my content partnership with Microsoft®, my business-to-business e-commerce solution for the Foodservice Industry was singled out by Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates and demonstrated by Mr. Gates and other top Microsoft executives at keynote presentations. Microsoft’s Board of Directors identified my company as one of their most valued content partners. During my time as a tech CEO, I was also responsible for leading the formation of strategic alliances with global companies including Oracle®, GE® and IBM®.

Currently, I co-own two restaurants, invest in new businesses and am available for select leadership roles.

Steven Sponder