Steven R. Sponder

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I am an accredited investor who has founded, co-founded and invested in 8 successful Restaurants over the past 30 years in California, Hawaii, Florida and Virginia.

I am always on the lookout for talented, hard-working entrepreneurs in need of an experienced partner. I am based in Florida, but I invest in restaurants throughout the U.S. and beyond. Prior to investing in restaurants, my passion was creating unique Restaurant concepts. As an investor and owner, I have been involved with a variety of cuisines ranging from Cajun, Italian, Caribbean, American Regional to Craft Burgers in segments ranging from Fine Dining to Fast Casual to QSR to Casual Dining. I have found that a business’s success or failure is determined before it ever opens. Do the decision makers have the experience and skills to successfully lead the process? How well is the concept positioned and branded? Can the leaders evolve the concept to keep it relevant.

I am proud of the fact that restaurant concepts I created over 30 years ago are still thriving and being enjoyed by guests to this day. I’m also proud that restaurants I created have served millions of guests over the years – including 5 U.S. Presidents. My restaurant concept creation and development projects have appeared in publications including USA Today®, The New York Times®, Bon Appetit® and GOURMET Magazine®. Early in my career, The Nation’s Restaurant News® credited me with creating a Team-Service system now used in restaurants around the world.

In addition to Restaurants, I founded two Information Technology companies – one selected by Microsoft® for a joint-venture partnership, and another backed by U.S. and European Venture Capitalists and selected for a partnership with AOL-Time Warner® before being acquired. In the partnership with Microsoft, my company’s solution for the hospitality industry was singled out and demonstrated by Microsoft’s co-founder (Bill Gates) and other Microsoft executives at keynote presentations. Microsoft’s Board of Directors also identified my company as one of their most valued content partners. During my time as a technology entrepreneur, I also led the formation of strategic alliances with several global tech companies including Oracle®, GE® and IBM®. I have also presented in front of numerous Venture Capitalists resulting in the successful raising of more than $10 million.

In addition to entrepreneurial endeavors, I have served on business, university and trade association Boards. I feel fortunate to have been guided and mentored early in my career by talented entrepreneurs willing to teach me what they had learned – and I in turn provide mentoring advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.